Aileen and Jason / Historic Jordan Springs / Winchester, VA

Washington DC Wedding Photographer: Terra Dawn Photography

If you know me… know I love math. (This….is pure sarcasm, by the way.)

Here is an example of the very best of my math skills. (Years of training here, people. Don’t try this without adult supervision.)

Aileen + Jason + Wedding = Donuts

For those of you unfamiliar with advanced math…..let me explain this complicated equation. It starts on the fairly wet morning of September 26, 2009.

Que wavy visuals and harp music………

A good friend of mine, and REALLY awesome photographer, helped me out this day by chillin’ with the guys all morning. And might I just say that Cicely Procopio did an awesome job of making some awesome photos….out of a lot of chillin’.

Asleep - Historic Jordan Springs

When I met with Aileen earlier in the year to chat up the details, she grinned reeeeally big when she told me that Jason had been talked into wearing a bowtie. Of course, I don’t know how hard he was to convince, since he was smiling pretty big when he put it on!
Groom Getting Ready - Historic Jordan Springs

Bowties - Historic Jordan Springs

During all that mayhem, I was across town at The George Washington Hotel with the girls. Between make-up, hair, dresses, moms and completely spectacular old architecture…I think I may have managed to get SOME getting ready shots. *wink*wink*

I found all sorts of fun vintage…stuff…in the lobby to play with! Old dog statues and antique mailboxes among them. That blue ring was borrowed from Aileen’s mother for the ceremony! Talk about knocking out “something borrowed, something blue” with one feil schwoop! I love that ring…*sigh*. It was sparkly. And big. :D
The Engagement Ring and Something Blue - Historic jordan Springs
Her dress was a beautiful lace gown and open back from David’s Bridal. Absolutely stunning and it fit with the vintage feel of her wedding!! And did I mention she had a lace parasol to match? (You’ll see that in a bit.)
The Dress - Historic Jordan Springs
And I didn’t even tell you!!!! She had TWO dresses. Smartest bride I’ve ever known. The second dress fit the vintage theme, and hit her just above the knee. Perfect for dancin’.
The Reception Dress - Historic Jordan Springs
We quickly packed up from the hotel (oh…I was ever so sad to see it go….) and to my absolutely most favoritist-ist venue ever!
To the Wedding - Historic Jordan Springs
Historic Jordan Springs is a beautiful old house (over 200 years old!!!) in Winchester, VA. And let me tell ya, when you ask Historic Jordan Springs to help you plan your wedding……THEY HELP YOU PLAN YOUR WEDDING!!

They planned the decor…including fresh picked apples from that morning, the dinner, the flowers. They are truly an awesome and gorgeous venue.

The girls were put in a bridal suite downstairs, and spent most of the morning getting ready and taking photos.
Getting Ready - Historic Jordan Springs

The guys were sent upstairs (poor things) to play poker, billiards and drink beer before walking down the isle.
Poker - Historic Jordan Springs
Poker 2 - Historic Jordan Springs
Don’t they just look pitiful?

Right…I know it’s a minor thing, but before we head into the ceremony, let me tell you about the programs. There’s something in it for you!! No seriously!! I know most people don’t give a second thought to the programs. They are handed one at the door, the look at it and say “Oh, what a pretty monogram…” and move on. YAWN!

But oh, no…..not Aileen and Jason. When you open their program, the whole middle section is dedicated to “What tree did you fall from?’

Wanna know what tree I feel from? (And no….not the crazy tree…..)

(Ok…maybe the proverbial crazy tree….)


March 11-20 – The Lime Tree (oooo….that is SO me!!!)
Accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting and stress (who LOVES stress?), dislikes laziness and idleness, dislikes labor, soft and relenting, willingly makes sacrifices for friends (yeah….you hear that friends? BE GRATEFUL!!), many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom (I sooo beg to differ on that one!! and why is this description of myself starting to go downhill!?), often wailing and complaining (Hey!!!!!!! I do not!!!! well…..ok….maybe a little. But I think “wailling” is a bit harsh!!), very jealous but loyal to friends and lovers alike (no comment).

Huh……well then……I never said the program didn’t give a brutally honest description of your “tree”!
Reception Details - Historic Jordan Springs

If you recall, I mentioned earlier that it was a bit of a wet morning. Aileen and Jason’s wedding was all set up in a beautiful side yard of Jordan Springs. It would have been a gorgeous place for a ceremony. Instead, with the torrential downpour that began just after noon, the ceremony was moved to the ginormous wrap aroround porch. I…..was….in… ceremony HEAVEN!!! The lighting was gorgeous, the rain was just beautifully dramatic….and it really brought a sense of closeness to everyone there.
The Isle - Historic Jordan Springs Not to mention that the isle was super long!! :) Very dramatic.

The guys got all lined up and met the minister at the front of the isle (don’t worry….there were people sitting in the chairs by this point). And All of the mothers and grandmothers were ushered to their places. The bridesmaid’s positioned themselves on the otherside of the guys, and (by my advanced mathematics calculations) there were only two people left to join the party.

Wait….I thought I said I was good at math!! I am!! (I’m really not….but in this case I am!!)

Aileen’s father had been pacing for a bit out in the hallway, but when he saw her, I think all of his nervousness was worth it. She looked amazing and he looked so proud.
Father of the Bride - Historic Jordan Springs
The ceremony was simple and beautiful..there were a few tears and tons of smiles from everyone (including the bride and groom).
The Kiss - Historic Jordan Springs

I’m pretty sure I even cried a little! (This…ladies and gentleman is why I keep tissues in my memory card holder…)

They practically skipped back down the isle and met me at the end of the porch where we began to figure out where to shoot some formal (and a bit more relaxed) portraits of the two of them. We settled on running through the rain to another little house just across the driveway. Luckily, brightly colored umbrellas served two purposes in this case.
Bridal Party - Historic Jordan Springs Ooooo!!! Look at those raindrops!!
Watching - Historic Jordan Springs
Somehow, by the grace of mother nature (and perhaps other deities), the rain slowed to a sprinkle for just a few seconds and we had time to shoot photos of just the couple!
Jason and Aileen - Historic Jordan Springs
After the quick stop in pretty picture town, we headed back in to join the bangin’ party. Can I just say….BEST RECEPTION EVER!!!
The Entrance - Historic Jordan Spring
They had candied apples, fresh picked apples, reeeeeally good food, and THE HILLBILLY GYPSIES! No dj for these guys. And let me tell you, it took precisely 10 seconds for EVERYONE to kick off their shoes and start dancing. We had everything from line dancing to doe-see-doe’ing. It was only really awesome.
Hillbilly Gypsies 2 - Historic Jordan Springs
Do-See-Do - Historic Jordan Springs

Alright ladies and gentlemen….are you prepared for the “=” part? Cuz it’s time for the cake cuttin’!!!!!!!!!! er……did I say “cake cuttin’”? Because I TOTALLY meant donut cutting!!!!! Instead of cake, Aileen and Jason had Carpe Donut come down from Charlottesville, VA with their bright red donut cart to serve fresh made donuts to the guests.
Carpe Donut - Historic Jordan Springs
He even went a step further and made them a donut tower with a figure eight donut on top for them to pull apart!!
Carpe Donut - Historic Jordan Springs

How many times did I say “donut” in that last paragraph? 6 times? Not enough.


I can so taste them now….

To make a super long story come to a happily ever after, the guests and couple danced the night away. The rain poured down, and cigars were had on the front porch.
Celebratory Cigars - Historic Jordan Springs

And everyone is currently living happily ever after….

The End

P.S. Donut

Really awesome 2nd shooter : Cicely Procopio
Hotel : The George Washington Hotel
Hair : Naturally Creative Diva
Donuts : Carpe Donut
Limo : Executive Limosine and Courier Service
Ceremony and Reception Venue : Historic Jordan Springs
Band : The Hillbilly Gypsies
Minister : Reverend C. Edward Pruitt