Eddie & Renzo Are Engaged!

[stumbleupon] Eddie and Renzo are engaged! (In case you hadn’t heard…).  Eddie is a fabulous photographer beyond Jalepeno photography and Renzo is a…well…I forgot to ask.  I was too excited to drag them all over kingdom come for some bad ass portraits!!!!


This session was one of my 15 available “Moving Sale” sessions (it’s still going on and i still have a few spaces left!!).  We started at the Stone House in Manassas for our “warm up” portion of the shoot.

“Warm up?”, you ask.  Every photographer…no SCRATCH THAT….every ARTIST has a period of warm up. You can’t just jump into genius!!  You have to add oil to the wheels and cogs of your creative process.  So couples, when you’re shooting…give your photographer a few minutes for mental stretching.

I have an old Mamiya camera that I decided to bust out for the occasion (I plan on actually USING it for photography for the first time this weekend…).  But it was a great prop!  Since Eddie is a photographer herself, I knew this would be right up her alley.

When I pulled out the camera, her reaction was “Nuh-uh!!!”.

My response was “Waaaaay…”

We are women of selective verbiage. 0_0

One thing I’m going to miss about living in Northern VA?  The battlefields.

Does Seattle have battlefields?  I’m not GREAT at history…but I don’t think the civil war was ever fought in Seattle.  Unless I’m missing something…like the Battle of Kirkland.

The sun decided it was going to stay out for a while, so we took this as an opportunity for our second clothing change and headed to a more shaded area.

Renzo and Eddie have been taking Salsa lessons…so we decided to incorporate their mooooovezzzzz into their shoot.


Anyone who knows me, knows that red is my all time favorite color to photograph.

And now it is yellow.

Chicks?  Dress up your dudes.  You won’t regret it.

That…is hawt.

Aaaaaaand…..favorite shot of the day.


Need I say more?  2 hours, 2 clothing changes, 2 locations….and I couldn’t have asked for 2 better people.

Check out the info on booking your own portrait session at 1/2 off!!  Only a few days left and a few spots are open!!

Until next week…after my next shoot,

Terra Dawn


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