What’s White and Black and Read All Over: Humor Blogging

Humorous Blogging and the Small Business

I read A LOT of blogs.  Like…everyday.  They are my newspaper.  They are my daily breath of fresh air.  If I don’t read my blogs…I can’t sleep.  I will forever wander the world wondering what I missed…

Did civilization as we know it end?  (Because…you know, the interwebs would be the first place to know about it.)


IS Chupacabra really the true terror of the goats of Puerto Rico?


And when is Canon going to release the next Mark?

Yes…these questions keep me up at night.

So what kind of blogs DO I read?  In case you haven’t been able to figure it out from the title of this post (not to mention my own witty writing style), humor blogging is what catches my attention.  Chances are, if you are reading this post, it catches your attention too.

Scientists have been studying the benefits and effects of humor for centuries. Hell, there is even an organization for it…and organizations ALWAYS make things more official.  It’s been said (and sort of proven) that even pretending to feel an emotion will cause you to actually FEEL that emotion, even if just for a little bit.

For example, if your having the craptastiest day EVER, try smiling.  It JUST might improve your day…or at least make you giggle because you feel like a smiling idiot.


The simple act of laughing has been known to:

  • Increase creativity (oh, hello writers…)
  • Reduce anxiety and tension
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • and enhance your memory for humorous material.

It’s this last point that brings me to the topic of this particular post. How does writing humorously help a small business? Let’s say (because I know this is the case for most of my readers) that you are a photographer.  And let’s also say that every week (or other week…or once a month) you put up a blog post showcasing your most recent photo shoot.

Your work is beautiful and, of course, you want people to remember what you do LONG after they leave your post.  The problem is, as beautiful as your work is, maybe it is not so much out of the ordinary from a ton of other photographers in your area.  In addition to this, what you write on your blog (up until this point) has been fairly normal.

For Example:

Subway Engagement Session

 ” I really enjoyed Susie and Mark’s engagement session!!  We went here and did this stuff and then we walked over there and did more stuff!  GAH! I love them and the stuff we did!”  **This is ACTUALLY Becky and John…and I DO love them dearly…plus all of the stuff we did in the places that we went.**

This is ok…but I’m going to be honest, unless you’re Susie and Mark’s BFF (or moms…there are always the moms) no one is reading your blog.  They are looking at the pictures…maybe pinning a few things…but paying next to NO attention to the words you put on your page.

And why should they? Chances are, they don’t know Mark and Susie…and chances are, if they are a photographer, they wrote a blog post almost identical to it last week.

This is where humor comes in.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…in bold and huge letters:

The best bloggers give something back to their readers.

Your followers are giving you their time and undivided attention…and what are you giving them in return?


REALLY think about this question, now.

A great blogger is going to give one (or more) of three things to their reader: Information, Inspiration or Emotion.

If you are an informational blogger, you are giving readers invaluable information they will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  Think Pat Flynn, 43 Folders and Copy Blogger. They give you up to the minute information on what is happening in the business and blogging world.  They keep you in the loop with the latest marketing and small business tactics. They fill your brain to bursting with knowledge you thought only available to the scarecrow in Oz.

If you are an inspirational blogger, you’re working hard to produce content (both visual and verbal) that will spur your readers to greater heights. Think Elizabeth Messina, Zen Habits, or Seth Godin.  These guys will get you up (although in Zen Habit’s case, he’s more likely to get you sitting and sipping green tea), moving, dancing and doing GREAT things with your business and life.  They motivate you to be a better business person, human being, and artist.

If you’re an EMOTIONAL blogger, you write WITH feeling as well as to INVOKE feeling.  You write to make someone laugh, or cry, or even scream in frustration (after they’ve thrown their computer out of their 5th story window).  You force your reader to react in some way.  Check out bloggers like Heidi Cave, Gavin Owens, or Cake Wrecks. These bloggers will make you smile, laugh, and cry like the little baby you’ve buried deep inside you since hitting 30 (I’m about to turn 31…so I’m a bit bitter on this topic).

Many of these bloggers give two or more of these “gifts” to their readers in every post.  Some specialize in one area.  But the point is, readers leave feeling as though they’ve grown in some way.  They feel as though they’ve been given something.  And more importantly…they see a reason to keep coming back for more.

So what are you giving your readers? (Post your answers in the comments section below!!  I’d love to get your take on YOUR blog and it’s place in the online business world.)

This year…is the year of the laugh for me.  And Batman knows, I need a good laugh.


I’ve spent the last few months putting together a REALLY great course for my readers on Humor Writing in Small Business.  And No,  it’s NOT just for photographers! It’s for all types of bloggers!

Every week I’ll send you a new section of the course. Some of the sections in the course include:

  • What kind of humor writer are you?
  • The Tortoise is Not Hare – Thinking Quick and Delivering the Punch Line
  • Ideas for Keeping Your Ideas Organized
  •  Starting the Writing Process
  • Taking the Punk Out of Punctuation
  • The Properties of the Perfect Blog Post
  • and a ton more!!

There are twenty sections total.  Some will include videos, all will include downloadables, and you MAY even get a bit of homework.  (I DON’T grade on a curve…so suck it up.)

The course is NOT quite ready to launch yet…but the launch date is RIGHT around the corner.

Want to know how to get a seat in the online course?  Want to know how to get a FREE seat in the course?

Okee dokee, pipe and smokey.  I’ll tell ya.

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