Kenny and Bree


I had another photographer ask me recently “What is one thing you do in your business that you wish you would have started doing earlier?”

It was a great question, and pretty damn timely…so I thought I would answer it here.  About a year ago, I decided to start doing what I lovingly refer to as “The Dressing Room Sessions”. (You should totally click that link.  It’s how to shoot, edit and get your clients their images all in under two hours…epic.)

These sessions save me tons of time, money and sanity later.  (Not that I had much sanity to begin with…)

I recently met with Kenny and Bree at Potomac Point Winery (really freakin’ good Viognier). We talked, we walked…I shot them. 0_0

They are getting married here next October, so we all thought it might be fun to meet for a glass of wine…

talk to the coordinator about the way the day will go…

and end the session with a 3o minute shoot as the sun went down!

It just so happens that this is also about the time their ceremony will take place, so it gave a really great idea about the timing of the ceremony, the traditional portraits, and (of course) the romantical wedding gown portraits.  *le sigh*

I think Bree kinda looks like Jenna Fischer from “The Office” …don’t you?  YAY!!!  THIS IS MY CELEBRITY WEDDING FOR THE YEAR!!

Last year my celebrity wedding was Ryan and Lindsay.  :)  Lindsay kinda looks like Taylor Swift.  Terra. For. The. Win.

So, I’ll close this little post with a few parting shots…

SUPER BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Bree and Kenny and a FREAKIN’ GINORMOUS thanks for bringing me along!! I am so stoked for your wedding day it’s beyond belief!!!

P.S. Don’t work TOO hard.


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