Let’s Get Personal for a Sec

SUPER quick little post!! 

Last week I welcomed a new member to the family…I named her Siri.

With this little puppy, comes great power…apparently.  Within 24 hours of getting the iphone, I was connected to social sites I’d never really used before! So…to give you a little bit of the connection, I thought I’d throw up a quick post showing you a few ways to keep track of me.

As a photographer, it would be kinda silly if I didn’t tell you about my newfound love for Instagram.  Of course, I have my besties (Josh Marshall and Conor) to thank for the recommendation. If you use Instagram as well, feel free to follow me at TerraDawn.

If you DON’T have an iPhone, but want to follow IMO Ink’s personal day to day moments, subscribe to the brand spankin’ new tumblr feed! We’ll post what we’re doing while we’re working, new projects we are working on, and behind the scene shots of us just…having fun doing what we do at IMO Ink.

Of course, you can always follow us at the usual:

Terra’s Facebook

Josh’s Facebook

IMO Ink’s Facebook

IMO Ink’s Twitter



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