Insaaaaane in the Braaaaaain October!!

Three Weddings and Four Shoots Later! 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted!!  I’m still trying to get the hang of this whole…”YOU NOW HAVE TWO BLOGS!!” thing!  I promise, though…practice makes perfect.

I’m currently working on getting the second half of the roadtrip up!  If you weren’t following our escapades on Facebook…then you are in for a REAL treat!  Check out the first half of the adventure here! 

The months of August and September were super amazing.  I got to Mukilteo, where Josh was kind enough to put me up for a month before we got into our new place.  I made some new friends, had some new experiences and REALLY got to know the area.

When our apartment opened up in September…I was ready for my own room with my own stuff!  But…alas…it was not to be.  I got the room, but not the stuff. There will be a biiiiiiiig post on this in a few weeks, but needless to say…my moving truck has yet to arrive and I’m embracing the Buddhist/minimalist life style.

Hell…I may even donate half of my stuff when it gets here!  0_o

Most of September was spent working on blog posts over at IMO Ink headquarters, keywords, SEO, marketing and branding.  Launching a new business is tricky!!  Especially when you have two people that doooon’t quite see eye to eye on how the business should be represented.  It is all a learning process, though…and tweaks are being tweaked! Josh and I are working INCREDIBLY hard and INCREDIBLY well together…so I can’t wait to see how fast this business grows!!

With September going so smoothly…I needed a little action.  I know my East Coast friends are good for that…so I boarded a plane to shoot three weddings and four shoots in the DC area!

(I have seriously had John Denver stuck in my head for the past three weeks…UGH!)

Josh joined me for the last wedding and photoshoot with my VERY preggers sister.  :D  It was beyond fun… Wanna see a few teasers from the month???  :D

Thank you SO MUCH to all of my clients and friends who have made October such a crazy successful month!!  And congratulations to Bree and Kenny, Nick and Nicole and Lindsay and Peter!!!  Your wedding days were BREATHTAKING!!!

Check out more from these shoots, coming soon on the IMO Ink Seattle Photography Blog!

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