A Photographer’s Christmas Poem


Re-written by Terra Dawn

Twas the day before Christmas,

When all on my desk,

Not a brain cell was stirring,

Not even for stress.

Stupid Girl Image

The paper clips were clipped on the contracts with care,

In hopes that the payments soon would be there.

LolCats Contract

The to-do lists were nestled all snug in their apps,

While the last days of the year filled with food coma naps.

food coma puppy corgi

With me in my PJ’s and hot chocolate pouring,

I’d just settled down for 24 hours of “A Christmas Story”,

When outside my window there rose such a noise,

I figured it must be the next door neighbor boys.

A christmas story

I peaked through my blinds and immediately blanched,

A family was standing outside for a sesh!

In all of my haste to finish the week,

I’d forgotten my Christmas Eve shoot with The Zeeke’s!

awkward family christmas

The sun was already low in the sky,

So I yelled out the window for them to standby.

I threw off my jim jams and ran for the door,


Grabbing my camera,

It fell to the floor!

The battery popped out,

The lens made a thunk.

And I shuttered to think what MAY have just broke.


(I couldn’t bare to show a Canon in this condition.)

I shoved in the battery, duct taped things together,

And grabbing two memory cards,

I rushed out in cold weather.

duct tape camera

Eight childrn were running and screaming circles,

While father was bellowing,

Growing more purple.

“Now Tommmy!  Now Susy!  Now Cory and Cole! Now Mary! Now Margeux! Now David and Joel!

Get your butts in line!  Do as your told!”.

Then he whispered to mother, “this chick better be bold!”

annoying kid

Tommy and Susy stood silent and still,

But the rest of the brats were creating snow hills.

Not snow hills, per say, but more like snow forts,

And I had an idea that immediately sparked.

So I snapped into action and told dad what to do,

A serious snow fight was about to ensue.

elf snow ball fight gif

As they laughed and they rolled,

Their faces covered in powder,

I focused my lens,

To find nothing the matter!

Aside from a dent, my equipment worked perfect,

So I worked like an elf,

Shooting my subjects.

The snow war raged on for over 60 minutes,

The shoot was a treat,

The real moments were perfect.

capitol snow ball fight

With a quick posed parting shot,

I tucked them back in their van,

Then walked back inside,

Thanking The Man.

Everything worked,

The session went great,

And I was just in time,

For A Christmas Story at eight.


Merry Christmas to all of my family, friends, clients and in betweenies!!!  I hope you fill your bellies, watch your football, and enjoy your time spent with those closest to you. 

I had a blast writing this!! Of course, the original was “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C Moore.  If you’re a photographer and want to share this little alternate piece, feel free!!  This and a laugh (I hope) are my Christmas present to the interwebs this year.

Terra Dawn Photography