Rob and Hayley : Smokey Glen Farms


Washington DC Destination Wedding Photographer: Terra Dawn Photography

I was SO flattered when Anne from ATrendy wedding asked me to come out and hang with her at her most recent wedding. Although I wasn’t the primary photographer for the event, I had the privilege of photographing some amazing detail shots from a drool-worthy reception at Smokey Glen Farms!

I ask you…in all seriousness, people…what better way is there to spend the fourth of July weekend than with BBQ, an awesome DJ, an AMAZING cake, a country barn and an amazing dance hall?

Um….easy. Seriously? You can’t answer this question?? WHAT are you doing on my blog????


Hayley and Rob were married on an absolutely amazing day with absolutely AMAZING friends. Anne Kelley from ATrendy Wedding helped pull together some of the most adorable details I have ever had the opportunity to photograph.

The day started off with a cocktail hour with shrimp and chicken (and of course a bit of wine and beer) centered around games like horseshoes and miniature golf with finger foods in vintage paper boats and a band!!!

Ahem….beer and horseshoe’s is always a fun combination, dontcha think?

Guests could enjoy their appetizers at colorful barrel tables and picnic tables topped with country styled fabrics and wild flowers. HOW FREAKIN’ CUTE AND DOABLE IS THAT?????

Yes….my friends. An adorable cocktail hour can be yours to have for just a one time payment of $19.95!!!! (Ok…probably a bit more than THAT. After all…it was an open bar and the guests weren’t drinkin’ two buck chuck.).

I don’t know if you’ve figured this out about me yet….but I have a VERY serious condition called “Shiny Object Syndrome” or S.O.S. for short. I think I spent at least 20 minutes photographing the little mason jars hanging from the trees. The colors were so pretty!! And the light!!! And the ribbon!!!


Wanna know what kinda kirked me out even MORE??? THERE WERE SOME MASON JARS HANGING ON THE BACK PATIO TOO!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

(I think I may need to start packing the smelling salts when I photograph for ATrendy Wedding. 0_0)

Considering that an appetizer is only there to “wet yer whistle”, it wasn’t too surprising when guests started making their way to the reception area. After all….they’d been smelling THiS

ALL afternoon. TORTURE, I TELL YOU!!!! Nom, nom, nom……

From the cocktail hour, guests pulled their seating assignments off the vintage shutters leaning up against the barn and made their way into the jaw-dropping barn for the reception.

It was fun to watch them enter, though. They would take about one step inside before their eyes would bug out. The decor was SOMUCHFUN!!!!

After everyone was seated, the couple (Rob and Hayley, in case you have forgotten their names in all of this excitement) were announced and went straight into their first dance…….

(You know it has to happen at least once a post…….ready??)


After everyone scarfed down on some of the best BBQ EVER (and I’m a Texas gal….so that’s saying a lot…..), IT WAS TIME FOR DESSERT!!! And lemme tell ya, these guys know how to do dessert!!

Why don’t you vave some cake!!!??

(Kendall’s cakes…btw….is kind of sort of AMAZING. We worked with them at the Terra Dawn Workshop in June as well!! *waves madly and Kendall*)

Wait…not a huge fan of cake and looking for something a little less traditional? (Or you just have the largest sweet tooth ever known to man….) Why not try…..

SOME PIE!! (hahahaha…..I’m a poet and didn’t know it.)

Oh but there’s more!!!!!

Looking for something to wash all of this yummy sticky sweet amazing-ness down?

How about….a root beer float? Oh yes…..that’s right. Anne from ATrendy Wedding set up the cutest little root beer float station (although you COULD go with coke if you wanted). It was called “Love Floats”.


How can you people take all of this cuteness??

Well..I’m going to throw in a little bit more. B/c you know, that no day of photography with mua is complete without some amazing shots of the bride and groom. Anne had the getaway car pulled around to the back of the barn for some shots. (This later proved to be all-too-convenient for the groomsmen….naughty naughty groomsmen……)

Although we interrupted the guys during their decorating for the getaway car, you better believe they got right back into it when the couple left….


The rest of the evening commenced with much joy and merriment (and dancing to Michael Jackson….)

And the final question of the day? WHAT is a requirement on any 4th of July weekend wedding?

C’mon….seriously? Kind of an obvious one here…..


They ran out of the reception hall between rows of their friends and family holding sparklers. Sooo….the wedding day ended with a bang. (Literally…..the fireworks attached to the bumper of the Ford were REALLY loud as they drove off….).

Congratulations Hayley and Rob!!!

Terra Dawn

Official Event Photographer: Rebekah J. Murray
Reception Venue: Smokey Glen Farms
Planner: ATrendy Wedding
Cake: Kendall’s Cakes
Florist: Greenworks
Lighting/Decor: Perkins Productions
Transportation: Chariots for Hire
DJ: Andy Walker (A family friend…but AMAZING and super fun!)
Blue Grass Band during Cocktails: Orrin Star