A Seahawks Hangover

Seahawks Clinch the Playoff Home Field Advantage

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Not going to lie…today I have a bit of a Seahawks hangover.

In case you don’t seem to be in on what I’m talking about, yesterday…in the wonderful city of Seattle, our beloved Seahawks clinched the NFC West title and are headed to the Playoffs!

Now, a few of you who know me also know that I’ve never watched THAT much pro football.  I grew up watching the Texas Aggies (Gig’em) play, but other than college football, I’ve never claimed a team as my own.

That all changed a year and a half ago when I moved to Seattle.  Picture it like a slow-mo, romantic run down the beach.  My arms oustretched…the Seahawks running towards me.



And that’s what happened.  It didn’t take long for the names of Lynch, Sherman, Tate and Wilson to become an almost everyday part of my lexicon.

So what better way to support my team on their last home game of the season (and the game that could potentially clench the NFC West title and home field advantage for the playoffs), than to drive to Seattle to celebrate with some of the countries BIGGEST football fans (yes…I am aware there could be football backlash for that statement)??

My good friend Brittney and I loaded up the SUV with beer, blue and green and headed to the Emerald City to meet up with some friends.

Seahawks Fan are Hard Core

I decided to kick back, have a good time, and just document the fun as it unfolded.

Sherman Bombed!

Sherman photo bombed!


It unfolded fast.  0_0

Seahawks Blue and green

Seahawks Tailgating

Seattle Seahawks Know How to Party

Seahawks Football Tailgating

Seahawks fan’s can get a little…uh…excited.  *snort*

Seahawks Fan Art

Seahawks NFC Fan Art

Seahawks Trailer

Seahawks tailgating trailor

Crazy Seahawks Fans

Seahawks House Slippers

Rainier Beer at Seahawks Game

By noon the game was getting ready to start, and we needed to find a nice large big screen (or a ton of decently sized smaller screens as it would turn out) to get our game on.  Brent suggested we head to The Lodge.  Since The Lodge is familiar territory, we hiked (get it? That’s football talk.) over and staked our claim at two unfilled tables with random strangers.  Ahhh…nothing like football to bring the community together.

Seahawks Game at The Lodge Seattle
For the record, and for future games, The Lodge is EXCELLENT.  The waitresses are quick with your order, the volume is loud (both on the fans and on the tv), and the 12th man shows up in record numbers…so there is NO shortage of energy.

Within minutes of kickoff, the Seahawks had already intercepted the ball and run it in for a touchdown.  Yes…this is the team I’ve grown to love. It’s a magic team where the good plays seem to soar in on Coach Carroll’s lofty yet realistic imagination.

Quite frankly, I would regail you with play by plays…but in just one minute of play time, the Rams recieved over 6 penalties and eventually one ejection.

Pubs Near Century Link Field

“Drama at it’s best” pretty much sums up this entire game.

The Seahawks slammed the Rams 27-9 in the end…getting us the title and some major cause for celebration.

The Seahawks won!  Surely that is the end of the story.

Well, my name’s not surely…and the story continues.

We finished our round of beers and Brittney and I continued on from The Lodge and headed towards our next calling “Sluggers”, located just a half a blog from Century Link Field.

Sluggers Celebrates Seahawks NFC West Win

Seahawks Fans at Sluggers Bar

Seattle Seahawks Fans Celebrate

Just trying to get to the back of the place was an adventure!  After five minutes of feeling like the linebackers we were celebrating, we were so caught up in the stream of hyperactive hawks fans that we had to launch ourselves into the seats of strangers to keep from getting crushed.

Seahawks win NFC West Seed

Seahawks Celebration 2013

We stayed at Sluggers for a few more hours (and beers) to celebrate the win of our beloved birds, then headed home…sure that the traffic had subsided.

Seahawks Game Day Traffic

Century Link Field at Night

By 9:30 I was tucked in bed and ready to get a good night’s sleep. But, seeing as ’tis the season…who needs sugarplumbs when visions of VICTORIES dance in your head?

Century Link Field After a Game