Terra Dawn Is Dead

Life is like a stapler, and everyday is like a page. Sometimes the pages get to be so many that the staple just can’t hold everything together. Sometimes you lose pages.

Oh man, this Christmas was a confusing one.  It was one of those times in life, when I was feeling both incredibly blessed and incredibly sad at the same time.  I’ve been in Seattle for almost a year and a half, and in that time and on the other side of the US my nephew has been born, my best friend has gotten engaged to my other close friend, and I’ve made some HUGE advancements in the field of ”coming of age”.

I truly believe that this was my first Christmas as an adult.

(I feel like there should be an ornament to hang on the tree or something.)


For me, personally, this year brought some amazing changes in the way I live and see the world around me. I made a lot of wonderful mistakes (many of which I’m currently mopping up…but there is an amazing blog post to come with AAAAAAALL those confessions soon) and I’ve made even more break throughs in my business and in my personal life.

I’ve made some of the strongest friendships this year and in such a short time! I hope they stick around for a while, but even if they are short lived, they’ve made such a huge impact on my life here in Seattle that they are people I’ll never forget.  (Quick shout out to Josh D., Erica, Zack, Alex, Jodi, Aimee, Rich, Chris, Kat, Jordan, Niles, Nina, Brittney, Linsy, Terri, Chad and Josh S.!! You are all pretty spectacular…in case I haven’t told you yet. And in case you weren’t aware, you’ve helped me get through this year away from family, East Coast friends, and everything that I’m used to in a spectacular fashion. )

This year, I started a business, I killed a business,and  I’m restarting another business.  This year I started relationships, I killed a few relationships, and now I’m figuring out a few NEW relationships.  And if you guys are reading this and thinking “Duh, Terra.  This is what happens to EVERYONE, EVERY year.” I would like to refer you to the above Christmas ornament.  New adult…remember?

I’m embracing a ton of the mistakes I’ve made this year and learning from them. (And for the record…I would make all of them again if given the opportunity.)

(Ok…maybe all of them except that one I made that one time with that one person…0_0.)

With that being said, and there is more to come on this in a future post, I would like to announce the killing of TerraDawn.com as you know it.

DON’T GET YOUR TIGHTEY WHITEY’S IN A TWIST!!!  Calm the frick down, man!

I’m actually SUPER excited about this!  A recent developement in my day schedule has allowed me to turn what was quickly becoming lemonade, into something I can be passionate about again.  Terra Dawn is going to relaunch this year as a website dedicated to, not only the photography that I LOVE doing, but a space to showcase all of the other projects I am doing!

It’s going to be a place of passion, and learning and laughs again.

So for the next few months, I am going to be spending time getting my business back to the way I (emphasis on the I here, people) want it. I’ll be moving things around, re-designing the look of my home on the interwebs, and doing a shitake ton of soul searching.

You’ll begin to see a bit of me in the posts again.  :)

GAH! I’m busting onthe inside with excitement to get this bad boy launched!!  BUT…unlike other times in my business’s history, I’m taking my time with this one.  I want everything to be perfect.  Well…perfect for me.

And THAT, my friends, is the difference between the last two businesses I’ve started. I’m not doing it for you guys anymore.  (No offense…I still love you and all.) But I’m doing this for.  I’m officially going to invite you into MY home and MY life. It won’t be a facade.  It won’t be decorated how I think my clients would like it to be dcorated.  It will be truth, and fun, and me.

Over the next few months, I’ll be putting up blog posts about the re-design and re-launch project.  I’ll be completely candid.  You’ll be able to see how much it’s costing me.  Where I’m getting my parts and labor (i.e. who’s doing the design). You’ll see my inspiration and you’ll also see me change my my about 5,000 times.

So if you’re curious, or thinking about an overhaul yourself, stick around and see what happens! You may just be able to learn from a few of my mistakes and successes. (Seriously?  Why are there that many S’s in the word success…I don’t approve.)

And on that note, I’m out! Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date with all of the excitement around the nest!

Love you all and have a happy New Year!